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GALANGA (False Galangal, Galangal) “Kha” in Thai: 
Greater Galangal is an erect annual plant with aromatic, ginger-like
rhizomes, and commonly used in Thai cooking as a flavoring. The
approximately 0.04 of volatile oil content has therapeutic uses as
carminative (relieving flatulance), stomachic (a medicine promoting
funtional activities of the stomach), anti-rheumatic and antimicrobial

Kaffir Lime Leaf (Leech Lime, Mauritus Papeda, Porcupine Orange) “Ma-krut” in Thai: 
The leaves, peel and juice of the Kaffir Lime are used as a flavoring in Thai cuisine. The major therapeutic benefit of the juice is an appetizer.

Lemongrass (Lapine) “Ta-khrai” in Thai: 
This erect annual plant resembles a coarse grey-green grass. Fresh leaves and grass are used as a flavoring. Lemongrass contains 0.2-0.4 volatile oil. Therapeutic properties are as a diarectic, emmenagogue (a drug or agent that induces or hastens menstral flow), anti-flatulance, anti-flu and antimicrobial agent.

Fresh Lime Juice: Chanon Thai Cafe uses fresh lime juice for Seasoning 
Lime “Ma-nao” in Thai: Lime juice is used as a seasoning in many dishes
on the menu. The fruit contains Hesperidin and Naringin, scientifically
proven anti-inflammatory flavonoids. It is used as an appetizer and has
antitussive (cough), anti flu, stomachic and antiscorbutic properties.

Marsh Mint “Sa-ra-nae” in Thai: 
The leaves of this herbaceous plant are used as a flavoring and eaten raw in Thai cuisine. Volatile oil contents give the plant several theraputic uses including mild antiseptic, local anesthetic, carminative, diaphoretic and digestive properties.

Thai Spicy Chili “phrik” in Thai: 
Chili is an errect, branched, shrub-like herb with fruits used as garnishing and flavoring in Thai dishes. There are many different species. All contain capsaicin, a biologically active ingredient benefitial to the respiratory system, blood pressure and heart. Other theraputic uses include being a carminative and digestion aid.